Compass Rose ft.Madishu

Welcome to my EP-Project, "Compass Rose," where I take you on a journey of self-discovery through my music. Imagine a compass rose where the centre is a pupil, and each song corresponds to a cardinal point. As the pupil watches, the rose turns, representing the different directions in life - South, East, North, and West - each with its unique colour, mood, and theme. Through this project, I engage in discussions with myself about decisions, analysis, curiosity, mistakes, and directions. The philosophical aspect of this journey is that life has no inherent meaning, but we try to give it meaning through our experiences and stories. The Compass Rose design represents balance and the interconnectedness of life. Each cardinal point is associated with an element - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - and a colour linked to a note, drawing on studies of synesthesia and chromesthesia. Join me on this adventure of self-exploration and discovery, and let's find meaning in our lives together through "Compass Rose."

Roberto Randazzo

4/14/20231 min read