in Another Life

Welcome to my blog, where I take you on a journey of self-discovery through music. This post will focus on the north cardinal point, It means the thing by which you orient yourself like the North Star shows what direction is North at night. It’s the one unmovable thing which allows you to make sense of everything else. It means goal or guiding principle. I’m associating the North with the colour Green. Regarding “the Scriabin's sound-to-colour association” the colour Green is the Note A. This song will be Amajor. North and Green are Air. With the analogy of these elements, I’ll talk about Infinitive, Invisible, Destination, Harmony and Balanced. In particular about “Concrete & Spirituality”. An analysis of Life and Death, what’s about after death and the philosophy around my life. The end of my journey where I can go just with my imagination. Spirituality as a metaphor for “Over Human-Experience” is not related to Religion.  30 June 2023

Roberto Randazzo

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